Flying home to La Paz where we’re having our live event. Going to be epic.

Just finished a conference in Vegas.

Sitting at the airport in Tijuana.

This whole trip has been a massive exercise in leverage.

Leverage 101…

I sent one 3-sentence “cold” email.

That email got us a magazine article on the front cover of an industry magazine.

It took me 15 minutes to write.

The magazine went out to 20,000 people. Again, on the front cover.

One of the people who read it runs a conference.

They invited me to speak at their event.

Jon Muranko was collecting interested client’s business cards for 2 days. He was smooth as silk.

We also recorded the talk so the footage can be reused and repurposed again and again.

From that one big video, we’ll get dozens of little videos that can be used for funnels and ads.

From one 3-sentence email…

…we’ll have dozens of clients…

…and digital assets that can be used to turn on client flow at will.

Seems everyone else is teaching the “harass 10,00 strangers in your inbox” method.

Brute force effort.

Bukkake the internet with “buy my shit” messages.

But nobody is teaching how to be a rifle instead of a shotgun.

And how to leverage it once you got it.

Thinking this is something I need to show people how to do.

What do y’all think?

Random thoughts on a Wednesday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.


Big thank you to Ilka Bee for holding down the fort with 3 kids and managing event preparations.

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