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Here are some current offers you may be interested in...

"Your leads are trash"...

If your clients can't close leads, don't answer and the phone and blame you... we have an easy way for you to generate 5 figure paydays, generating the easiest leads they will ever close, using a referral buddy system. It's worked in over 100 niches and counting and has generated $16,000,000 in sales for one company alone. Most biz owners can't close FB and Google leads but they can handle a presold referral.

If your clients have been in biz for at least 5 years and their peeps don't hate them, they're usually sitting on at least 6 figures of untapped referral gold.

From selling $500/month SEO packages to $2.5-10k offer

If you're stuck charging peeps $300-500ish/month and doing custom work for every client, we can help you get your first client at a first $2.5-10k/month client and leverage the work so you *gasp* actually get to have a life too.

If you're currently selling SEO, Adwords, web design, or FB ads for $500ish and your clients think it's never fast enough or good enough, this gets better clients at a higher price. It will remove the "glass ceiling" on your income.

Signing Clients Through a 5 Minute Loom Video

If you sell $1-10k/monthly services, and want to convert your offer to sell without the phone...

...we can help you take what's working for you now and turn it into a scalable phoneless client acquisition machine.

You'll just get clients who message you back saying "I love this idea. What do we need to do next?"

No sales call required.

Elite Phoneless Agency Mastermind

We've been through all 5 stages of growing an agency - from solo, to hiring, to managing, to "McDonaldizing", to having multiple agencies.

If you want to save yourself 10 years of figuring out agency growth the hard way and you'd also like to network with other elite agency owners, you need to be here.

The WolfPack mastermind is the place. It's an inside look at everything that's work to scale an agency.

*There is no sales calls ever. Just a question or two and a Loom video.*

How We Run A Different Agency

Your typical average frustrated agency owner

Business owns them

Spend days staring at computer screen and phone.

Clients choose me

Settle for who they think they can get, usually anyone with a credit card.

Exist only to make money

Treat people like a credit card with legs.


Booked appointments, client meetings, and employee interviews.

Broad or no niche

Focused on a specific client deliverable like SEO or paid ads.

Custom work

Reinvent the wheel with every client -> 50-80 hour weeks.

Multiple clients

Perpetual energy required to create brand new solutions.

Paid for time, energy, & effort

Their biz only works with the Gary V hustle hamster wheel.


"Our monthly SEO includes 200+ backlinks and 50+ articles."

Hard selling

"If you decide in 5 minutes, there's a $2k discount."

Inside a rigid box

"I do FB ads/SEO/Adwords/Web Design". You and everyone else.

Builds Frankenstein funnels

Hey you're just one funnel away, right? (Not really.)

Pitch strangers on marriage

"You just met me... now sign here for my 12 month SEO package".


Create a better mousetrap and replace existing mousetrap provider.

"I've heard that before"

Sell solutions exactly the same as competitors.

Sell Hammer

"We do SEO, paid ads, websites, copy, funnels, videos, etc."

Target everyone in niche

In the dentist niche, target client is "any dentist".

Low margins

Often have to fill gaps with cheap VA help and mediocre talent.

Priced competitively

Priced to be competitive in the marketplace.

Price at the end

Believes clients can't understand price without context.

Puts all the risk on clients

Clients are expected to accept all the risk in deals.

Convert strangers only

Convince only the hardest, most difficult prospects. Front end only.

1 time sales only

Frequently selling, hustling, and grinding but doesn't get ahead.

Clients frequently leave

Always need new sales and leads to keep the biz afloat.

Throw clients away

Most clients stay 90-120 days. Always "selling". Endless grind.

Booked appointments

Requires lots of time, good sales people, and sales tactics.

Volume lead gen

Often sends 1000's of untargeted outreach messages every day.

Dependent on 1 lead source

A FB ad account shut down is usually fatal.


Often uses buzzwords like "more sales/leads/customers".

Client expectations unspoken

Expected timelines and results are in the agency owner's head.

Reactive communication

Send a monthly report. Meetings when clients demand them.

Bend over for client demands

Clients demand constant phone calls, meetings, and updates.

Do the minimum

Provide basic ads/SEO/design + monthly report.

Customer Service

Reactively responds to client issues as they arise.

No upside

Better client results mean same monthly retainer.

Sally Seller or Recurring Randy

Trades services for single or recurring payments.

Processes in the owner's head

Owner is the only one who can do a lot of the key business processes.

Chaotic to manage

Putting out fires. Can't turn your phone/email off for a weekend.

Just 'good enough' employees and freelancers

Then wonder why it's easier to just do it yourself.

Employee interviews

Hires based on how well a person does in an interview.

Works for sales and pay

Can only earn after a client pays them.


"I'll be profitable if I can just get my ad costs down another penny."

Service provider

Works for clients.

Inside the WolfPack

Lifestyle agency

Time. Flexibility. Do what you love. Travel. Enjoy life.

I choose my clients

Choose people that are fun, profitable, & easiest to help.

Have a purpose in the market & make money

Operate from a small but meaningful why.


Phone-less sales, expectations, and trial assignments.

$100 bill sub-niche

Focused on bringing highest value clients within a sub-niche.


"Here's our system. We customize 10-15% to fit your unique needs." Reuse.

1 Client. 1 Problem. 1 Solution. 1 Deliverable.

Initial effort required, second time reuses asset.

Work with leverage, systems, & assets

Delink time and money structure.

Gets Done

"We'll get you #1 for your $100 bill sub-niche."

Irresistible Offer

Offers so damn sexy they sell in a Google doc. No proposal or phone required.

Mini monopoly

"We are the only ones who offer [end result]". In demand.

Simple direct offer-driven funnels

Real people. Real buying conversations. Real offers that work.

Offer first dates before marriage

Makes 'yes' easy. Pick and choose who is fun to work with.

Add on

Add on to existing infrastructure and innovate.

New and exciting way out

Innovate and sell something unique and new.

Sell outcome

"We are the only ones who can bring you [$100 bill outcome]."

Target shoe buyers and shoe stores

Hand select the proven buyers and power partners.

High recurring margins

Allows for trustworthy people to take work off your plate.

Premium pricing

Unique premium solutions.

I-V-Q Formula

Gives clients the context to understand price up front.

Manages risk

Tests clients and deals small to look for big upside.

Upsell and add value to buyers

Easier & far quicker to produce results. Back & front end together.

1 time sales -> recurring -> passive automated recurring income

Turn sales into lifetime clients & recurring cash into passive income.

Repeat business

Can sustain the biz without any new front end leads or deals.

Value clients for life

Turns 1 time customers into repeat customers for life. Have waiting list.

Phone-less sales

Requires a Loom video or a Google doc with an irresistible offer.

Less but better lead gen

Narrow down to shoe buyers and personalized irresistible offers.

Thrives in any economy

Built on principles that never change.

Dramatic demonstrations

Shows a visual picture of what outcome looks like.

Communicates clear expectations

Clear outline of results, time, cost, communications, and client inputs.

Proactive communication

Radical transparency. Keep clients informed before they ask.

The benevolent dictator

We set the rules of engagement and expectations. No meetings or calls.

Wow client experiences

Go way above and beyond the call of duty. It's the little things.

Department of gratitude

Proactively shows clients their business is appreciated and desired.

Asymmetric risk

Invest time and energy into big upside client deals.

Compound Carl

Recurring payments, acquires assets, and compounds income.

Detailed systems and processes

World class documentation "McDonaldizes" the business.

Smooth systematic operation

Elegant simplicity, processes & procedures, automation, + great staff.

Hire, train, and retain superstars

Get the right fit. Treat them like family. Reward them to stay.

Trial assignments

Hires based on testing people in real world situations.

Works for pay and control and ownership of assets

Earns recurring from clients, IP, distribution, and returns on investment.


"I've got this thing working. How can I get more use out of it?"

Partner and investor

Invests and partners in clients businesses strategically.

How It Works The WolfPack Way

Step 1 - Choose a $100 bill sub-niche

Specialize in the most valuable product or service within a niche so that we can work once and get paid twice delivering the same solution over and over.

Step 2 - Make Your Premium Offer Easy To Say "Yes" To

Most peeps have low value "me too" offers. They need "convincey" sales calls, webinars, proposals, etc. We get "yes" from a Google doc and get more $$$.

Step 3 - Validate The Offer With Simple Buying Conversations

We use simple direct conversations with key decision makers. Our buyers write our copy and messaging for us.

Step 4 - "McDonaldize" The Delivery & Build In Some "Wow" Factor

We "multiply" our efforts by documenting our efforts step-by-step. Our systems duplicate our output. Working smarter, not harder.

Step 5 - Build A Team To Multiply Your Wow

We build a team of your people with your values to deliver consistent premium client results. Great experiences on autopilot.

*There is no sales calls ever. Just a question or two and we'll send you a Google doc.*

Reviews & Experiences

What an agency looks like the WolfPack way...
(And in case you're wondering... yes they're real.)

Thomas goes from $500/month pain in the @ss clients to 2x $100k recurring clients...

Maja books 2 calls from a simple 2 sentence FB post...

Dan quit his job and made it as an entrepreneur...

Jarin is swimming downstream booking 10 appointments in a slow week... in crazy economic times

A PayPal account full of client payments doesn't suck...

Peter built the largest agency in Europe...

Cyle gets $5k/month strangers from FB ads to stay 1-2+ years...

Hendricus has new responses an hour into his new offer...

Bryan picks up $2k/month deals with realtors...

Leah is closing 4 for 4...

Neither does an inbox full of people lining up to pay you

B-Dog built a new language side biz using WolfPack principles...

Barnes picks up 2 web design clients, first ever "non-referral"...

Kate has first ever $25k week...

Aurel enters a brand new niche and 16 days later has his first dentist...

Sandy now has a $3k client from a 30 second tweak

Neither does closing a client without a phone call...

Brooke booking calls for pennies and converting them

Audio Brooke Part 1 | Part 2

Miro closes a $9k deal right before his first $100k month…

Listen to Miro

*There is no sales calls ever. Just a question or two and we'll send you a Google doc.*

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Agency Lifestyle

We don't do meetings, phone calls, sales calls, or proposals

In our agencies, we make our offiers do the heavy lifting so we actually get to have a life too

*There is no sales calls ever. Just a question or two and we'll send you a Google doc.* Ain't nobody got time for that.

We Retune Your Agency Like The Strings of A Guitar


The WolfPack Leader: Frankie Fihn

Frankie has been doing the digital marketing game since 2007. He is a shaman, speaker, author, entrepreneur and world traveler.

He has been featured with the world’s number one marketer Jay Abraham, who is the mentor to Tony Tobbins & Daymond John.

He has also written for several magazines, he has been featured in numerous podcasts, radio shows, and articles, and he has spoken on stages all across the world.

He’s also a dad of two wonderful little girls Heidi and Zelda.

His approach covers lifestyle design, asset creation, client selection, leverage, and spirituality. He helps people create purposeful agencies that create lifestyle freedom and fulfillment.

*There is no sales calls ever. Just a question or two and we'll send you a Google doc.* Ain't nobody got time for that.