Here's How We Sell $1-10k/Month Packages Without A Phone Call Using 5-Minute Loom Videos

Firstly, here's what this free training has done for other people...

This approach works in every niche we've tried it in

Attracts people who have money and less time

Is more scalable than "booked appointments"

Unlike sales people, Loom videos don't have up and down days

We have overall higher closing rates without calls

Tutorial: 5-minute Loom videos that sign $1-10k/month clients without a sales call or proposal.

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A lot of you guys have been asking privately about how we do our Loom videos.

Here’s a little step-by-step tutorial for you… (Of course, if you want some help with this, reach out. It’s probably just 1 of 100 ways we can help you.) Loom videos are made of 3 basic parts.

1. Dramatic Demonstration
2. 3-5 Step Believable Plan
3. An offer so easy to say ‘yes’ to that you’d be stupid not to

Let’s get into it.

1. Dramatic Demonstrations (15-30 seconds)

Watch this video training when you have 20 minutes.

This video is embedded on this page below. Scrolls down and watch it after reading this post.) Demonstrations are powerful! Do this right and 60-80% of the sale is made in just a few seconds.

(By the way, the image attached to this post is an example of a dramatic demonstration. Our minds think in pictures and sounds.

Like a movie, it shows a visual picture of what the result looks like – in this case, a sale without a phone call. You can see what the result looks like, right?)

2. A 3-5 Step Believable Plan (1-5 minutes)

This is by far the biggest missing piece in most people’s sales process. Often I see lotsa peeps talk about “proprietary” this, “secret method”, “7-step process”, etc. That shit works really well on newbies and low ticket stuff…

…but if you’re dealing with a busy, seasoned, relatively successful, business owner…

…he or she has been around the block.

They don’t need bullshit. They need transparency. They want the result you offer, perhaps even need it. But they also need to see a believable path to get them there. You want to be transparent without being overly detailed. Think 30,000 foot view. Just 3-5 steps of how you get people results. In our motorcycle case offer, it just sounds like this.

  1. We target people on Facebook ads with motorcycle interests.
  2. We run some motorcycle ads to them offering a motorcycle book.
  3. We send them to a motorcycle landing page offering a book we rebrand to your firm.
  4. We follow up with those people by email for a year with a bunch of FAQ and proof emails. Each individual email offers them a chance to call you about their motorcycle cases.

They can see how they’re going to achieve that result. Again, it helps to show each step visually. That’s it. 4 steps. There is no getting into the bells and whistles of Facebook. Just a clear, believable plan – 30,000 foot view. The clear, believable plan brings the prospect from desiring your result…

…to believing that you can achieve it for them.

It’s not just desirable. It’s also logical. Which leads into the next piece…

3. An offer so easy to say ‘yes’ to that you’d be stupid not to (1-2 minutes)

Most agencies have hard to sell offers. Hard to sell offers are how you end up in proposal hell…

….chasing someone who doesn’t return your emails or phone calls.

(“Just messaging you to see if you have reviewed my proposal yet.” “Hey sorry been busy not yet.”) We want this offer to be an easy, no-brainer. We could talk forever on the subject of offers, so let’s touch on the most important pieces. Firstly, here are the 3 big mistakes most people make.

  1. The offer is not specific enough who it’s for.
  2. The offer is too big and risky and feels too much like marrying a stranger.
  3. The offer tries to replace a service they already have.

What works is the opposite of what most people do.

A. It should be crystal clear who it’s for and also who it’s not for.

Bad: Business owners, I can increase your profits.

Good: If you have a roofing company with at least 2 crews, we can get them full roofing install leads for $40 each. (I don’t know actual prices in this niche, just giving an example of specificity.) Specificity prints cash.

B. It should be low risk and feel like “hey let’s have a casual coffee date together”

A well-orchestrated first date offer automatically leads into the thing you’re selling. You will sell a lot more marriages by offering a first date.

Bad: Try my 12-month SEO package, guaranteed to increase your rankings.

Good: Let’s run that 3-day database reactivation campaign for your chiropractic firm and get you your first patient by Friday.

A small decision gets an easy “yes”.

C. The offer should add on to their business and not try to replace an existing service.

As an easy litmus test, do they have to fire or replace someone to claim your offer If so, you’re probably going to have a hard time selling it. It’s why selling Facebook ads (replacement offer) is hard but selling messenger bots (add on offer) is easy.

Bad: We run the highest ROI Facebook ads. Try us and we’ll beat your existing agency.

Good: We run a niche specialty campaign for motorcycle cases that adds on to your existing Facebook ads strategy. Get your first package of motorcycle case leads for just $400 for 10 leads.

Figure out how what you do can add on to what they’ve already got going on. Also, yes include your price. You don’t want to talk to anyone who doesn’t know how much it costs. Now here’s the cool parts nobody talks about.

Cool benefit #1: It’s a lot easier to get someone to watch a 5-minute video. A 90-minute sales call with a stranger is a hard sell. There is a risk of being hard sold and wasting time. This way, you just invite them to a video. It’s a lot easier to say “yes” to.

Cool benefit #2: It actually attracts higher quality, more “doer” kind of clients. In the beginning, I thought the sales call helped to screen for the right clients. It’s actually the opposite. The best people come through a video because their time and intelligence has been respected. A lot of broke clients have time to jump on the phone with anyone who offers a sales call. Peeps with money got things to do.

Cool benefit #3: It works better than sales people. I have had some great sales people and many more duds. They all have off days. Salespeople are human. Life happens. Loom videos never take a day off. I no longer have a “sales” team. Less stress. Less moving pieces.

Hope that’s helpful to y’all fine folks. More posts like this – yay or nay?

May the force be with you.

Here's How These 5-Minute Loom Videos Work

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