On the eve of greatness.

I don’t know exactly how it all works out.

Because I just put a Google doc up.

I never know who’s going to come through the other side of it.

I never know who’s crazy enough to jump in 3 planes, sit through TSA checks, lines, shitty overpriced airport food, scans, bag checks, changing time zones, delayed flights, shuttles, and all that kinda stuff.

I don’t “sell” anyone on the idea of doing all that.

I just put it out there and let people decide if it’s for them.

And yet, here with are.

We have assembled an epic group of cool ass muthafuckas in paradise.

Our event officially begins tomorrow. We had a chance to hang out today pre-mastermind

Beautiful beachfront house. Perfect weather.

Orange sunsets. Witty banter. Delicious eats.

Wins already being created.

And we haven’t even started. We’re still on day zero.

It’s already going to rock.

Some real geniuses here.

So with a mountain of help from Ilka Bee.

And about 20 behind the scenes little elves.

We’re about to embark on something epic.

Excited about the next 3 days.

Random thoughts on a Thursday night in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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