A Rant On Why Most People Struggle With “Cold Outreach”…

If you could sum up most cold outreach, it would look like this…

Step 1: “Buy my shit”

Step 2: Copy + paste a zillion times

Step 3: Add a sprinkle of warming up email servers, appointment setters, AI chatbots and 60-minute calls galore… mostly with people who are 2 out of 10 on buying their shit

At the core of this approach, is scarcity 101.

There is a seed of “take”.

Usually, it’s an impersonal “take”.

“Hey internet stranger….

give me something and then I will do something cool for you.” (Hard to sell offer.)

And with the reputation “marketers” have as a whole…

…your reputation on delivering that isn’t helping.

Plus, you gotta have pretty thick skin to handle boatloads of (sometimes very harsh) rejection.

No wonder most folks struggle.

We’ve figured out an easier way.And the result is little $500-$5k/month passive income streams…

….that come in while drooling into the pillow.


In the creator economy…

…there are millions of creators who…

…do a 1000x better job BUILDING an audience than MONETIZING one.

In other words.

They have like.

They have know.

They have trust.

But most sit around…

thumbs up their asses…

waiting for corporate sponsorship to magically show up.

Many are fucking broke.

I mean really dead fucking broke.

Not all…

but many.

And here’s where you come in…

…because you understand cash flow for them is one stupid, simple step away.

Step 1: Make a fucking offer.

Step 2: There is no step 2.

Step 3: Repeat step 1.

Step 4: Seriously? Why the fuck aren’t you making a damn offer already?!

One fucking simple step.

Make. An. Offer.

Not just regular offers, either.

Easy, dogshit, warm audience offers too. Cold traffic needs a lot of “convincey” stuff to get strangers to buy.

“Here’s a 70,000 word sales letter with 7 videos, 50 testimonials, and fancy graphics… complete with $27 low ticket and 7 perfect upsells. Act now before the countdown timer expires.”

That’s for icy cold traffic.

Warm audiences get offers like this.

“Hey I really think you’ll like _______ and you can use my coupon code FRANKIE50 to save 10%.

“No graphics. No testimonials. No scripts.

Not even a fake scarcity countdown timer.

One well-placed offer… summed up neatly in a sentence.

Bingo. Bongo. Boom. <- Cash flow. (For both of you.)

Which, by the way, makes “outreach” infinity times easier.

Rather than trying to get heaps of strangers to part with aunt visa or uncle mastercard…

…we can message just 1 person…

…someone who has a social media audience we vibe with.

Then we offer them cash… for the things they’ve already created.

“Can I pay you for what you’ve already created?” (Easy to sell offer.)

You’re the source of cash flow.

Ilka and I buy kids toys sometimes over FB marketplace.

We’re cold messaging random internet strangers. Talking with people we don’t know about toys they have for sale.

Messaging a stranger and getting a conversation going is never hard…

when you’re trying to give someone money.

Same idea.

And the best people to give it to?

The ones who already have thousands, sometimes even millions of fans/followers/subscribers.

Soif you’re interested in taking those stupid cat videos you watch at 3 am…

and turning them into cash…

…our Friday workshop may just be for you.

It‘s going down live.

You need one criteria to be successful. You must be bold enough to make offers in the world.

If that’s your cup of tea…

…check out the first link in the comments

Random thoughts on a Friday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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