Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Hey Frankie ! Do you think public speaking is a must have skill?

* What’s up, everyone. I have a question after reading Frankie’s book.

So I help companies break into the Japanese market using Japanese content. This means that most of them don’t have many customers in Japan at the moment, which prevents me from using the “trash can asset” approach.

What would you guys do? Reframe it differently or choose a different strategy altogether, etc?

* Hey Frankie Fihn,

I want to know about the shoe stores of a local business that sell smartphones. I’ve thought a bit about this, and I believe delivery companies might be the solution. What do you think? Your opinion is very important.

Thank you for your invaluable support . Your expertise and efforts have truly made a difference.

Retargeting question

Anyone see this before?

Goal is to start warming people up with two sequential videos and retargeting and make an offer to people who have watched more than 25% of video two.

Video one for the top of funnel is getting good cost per video views and has built a 5k custom audience; watched more than 3s of vid 1.

But ad set two which is targeting anyone who watched more than 3s of video 1 doesn’t appear to be delivering.

* Any insight is appreciated . I have started running ads about a month ago for my digital product bundle . The bundle is $27 and I have a $8 up sell that most people purchase. I’ve done several testing campaigns but feel disappointed because the best campaign I have I’ve gotten 9 sales but the cost to get the sale is about the same as it is for the product so I’m pretty much losing money or breaking even if that some days . It’s weird because if I put a budget of $27 a day I get sales which is the campaign I have 9 sales on but I’ve gone as high as $50 a day and no sales at all so it’s like I can increase the budget but it messes up the algorithm and me getting sales . Any insight is appreciated .

* Engagement with clients.

How do you guys go about it?

Right now we are having a problem with retention and i thinks its due to poor relationships.

Would love to hear how you guys check in with clients and build rapport and so on.

* What are you guys using to schedule social media posts for your personal brand?

* Hey man, working on a few potential rev-share deals so I can afford a family trip for 4 to La Paz in a few weeks + a wolfpack haha.

First call is tomorrow with a coach that has about 20 years in industry, and his highest ticket product is a $2-5k in-person workshop. He wants more calls to close for those. I’m thinking thank you/referral campaign for a new offer for more calls, etc.

But my question is, what kind of questions should I ask him on the call tomorrow to make sure I have a good overview/assessment of what kind of rev-share opportunities that might exist.

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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