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Working on book 2.

Showing folks the power of little $500-$5k/month passive automated recurring income streams.

Eric and I are trying to illustrate the power of digital distribution.

On the left is a farmer selling his eggs onesy, twosie.

Trying all the typical sales tricks in the book. Buy 1, get 1 free. 50% off eggs on Tuesday. Highest quality. Best price.

On the right is a farmer who acquired distribution.

He sells his eggs to the digital stores and they do all the selling for him. Even just 1 distribution “sale” gets a store selling his stuff week after week, month after month.

With the sheer amount of distribution, he can’t lose.

The idea is that it’s more powerful to make offers to get distribution than to try and sell things onesy, twosie.

Question is…

…how does this image convey the concept of distribution to you?

Did you follow us? Was it clear? Thoughts?

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