“It’s easier to just do it myself.”

Been an interesting morning.

Recorded an episode with Anik Singal, who has sold $60+ million stuff through webinars.

Recorded another episode with Cris Rodriguez, who has scaled to over 430 martial arts clients.

What was clear in both cases?

They surround themselves (intentionally) with other rockstars.

At various points in the journey, it feels easier to “just do it myself”.

It’s not.

It’s actually much harder to do everything yourself.

It just seems that way in the short term.

It’s immediate relief. Like a smoke break.

But it only creates long term pain.

Random thoughts on a Friday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.


Anik and I made sure to talk some smack about Chris Benetti and Dave Miz.


Deets on Mexico below. Come have the most fun you’ve ever had.. in paradise. Boats. Good times. Good eats. Plus some cool biz stuff.

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