Money is intolerant of bullshit hoops to jump through.

A couple of weekends ago, I took the family glamping.

I messaged a couple of places around.

Place 1: 15 minutes later.

Them: “Yes we have Saturday and Sunday available. If you’d like to book with us, use these 16 digits.”

Me: “What in the fuck am I supposed to do with these 16 digits?” (Said more politely.)

Them: “You bring it to OXXO and you can transfer money to us. Then take a picture of the receipt and send it to us.”

Me (thinking to myself): So you want me to get in my car… drive to a bank machine to get cash… then drive again to OXXO… then stand in line… then with my broken Spanish, figure out how to send you money… then take a picture… then drive back home… and send it to you? I don’t fucking think so, Tim. (With an Al Borland disapproving face.)

Place 2: 20 minutes later.

Them: “Yes we have Saturday and Sunday available. Would you like a reservation? Here are 3 ways to book, including PayPal.”

Me: “Invoice paid. See you soon.”

Place 3: A day and a half later.

Them: “Yes we have Saturday and Sunday available.”

Me: No response because I already booked something else in the day and a half it took you to respond. I’ve already moved on.

Place 4: Never even returned my messages.

Sometimes people ask me if their stuff can be sold through video. Especially if phone sales have been hard.

And it’s actually easier because you remove the bullshit hoops.

Nomore scheduling a time 3 days into the future.

No having to talk to a salesperson as a gatekeeper.

No hour of bullshit persuasion tactics designed to manipulate you.

No waiting all that time to just find out the price.

Noproposals to read.

No “just following up to see if you read my proposal”.

None of that.When they want to buy it, you just let them buy it… now.

And summarize the details.

This is how busy, successful peeps with money buy things. When they want to buy it, they want to buy it now.

Not tomorrow.

Not in 3 days.

Not after a long sales call.


Summarizing your offer in a video is better for both of you.

Including the part everyone tries to hide behind… the price.

Remove the extra friction that doesn’t need to be there.

Stop making money jump through hoops to pay you.

When they want to buy it, just let ’em buy it.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.


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