Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Frankie Fihn I’m looking how to close deals with new prospects over chat, text, and email without requiring a phone call. Whatcha got?

* for those doing one-to-many prospecting, how do you overcome the hurdle of the person/agent you’re interacting with who has the distribution, not really “caring” about it or portraying the offer correctly to his list as it should be portrayed?? in other words, half-assing it to his list??

i know that we would have a level of bias for our service, like parents naturally caring more for their own babies than other parent’s babies… but is there a way to get the person/agent onboard with you, beyond explaining the benefits and value to them?

in a way this also reverts to becoming a “one-to-one” prospecting since now we are simply prospecting to another type of business owner. so how can we also pre-determine which Agent is already a buyer of mutually beneficial deals, if that makes sense?

* anyone using Instagram for outreach at the minute?

*Hey ! How are you doing my man? On average how long does it take from the loom you send in chat, to the closing? From your experience

* How long till the second book?

* Frankie – have you ever sold any of your agencies ( or in the past )

* Where does someone find decent sales people?

* Hey Frankie Fihn,

Question… In the Q and A today, you give an example with weight loss and how you need to show the before and after pictures. Not talk about doing the weight, broccoli shakes, and kicking their ass.

I’m using a white labeled service for ads, and they won’t give me any specific “before and after pictures” and what I mean by this they wont provide any specific numbers, such as “we can expect x amount of listings, or x amount of leads per month based on my ad spend.”

They always respond with “it depends on many factors (such as the market, location, how much they put in ad spend) so I can’t really give a specific number, just trust me it will work, I have been doing this for over 10 years.” or “I can’t give any info on this because of NDAs”

* When is the reveal happening of the clientless income assets you mentioned a couple weeks ago?

* How do you deal with hiring? Like when do you think you need to hire someone. And what does your system looks like ?

* Where does Frankie see himself in business 5 yrs from now ? Goals

* Exercice for you Frankie: If you lost everything, and had to make $1M profit, in under a year. What would you do?

* Do you do any culture building with remote contractors?

Culture building is commonly discussed with agency owners who have employees. For those with remote part time contractors do you do anything to build culture other than being easy to work with and making timely payments? I have contractors who have become pretty important to my business and they are A level players. I want them to prioritize the work I give them and also be loyal to me. They are pretty similar goals to when I had full time developers working for me in the office. For those with remote contractors (especially offshore ones) who aren’t full time but who you give a good amount of work to, do you try to build culture? If so how? Finding good contractors is hard and you sometimes have to kiss a few frogs before you find the right one so I want to make sure I’m doing what I can to make them stick around. Thanks.

* Hi!

For those who are in the media buying space, where do you find your team members? Upwork? Indeed? Do you contract or do you hire? How’s the job market?

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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