You have to innovate… at least a little.

I know how tempting it is to buy someone else’s copy and paste 1-2-3 step system. (Patent pending.)

But all that happens is you end up with a copycat business.

Another “me too” offer.

Tai Lopez created a step-by-step become course doing SMMA for contractors.

He sold 60,000 copies of it.

It included a copy and paste outreach script.

Even years later, 1000’s of people just blast the same copy and paste script.

It gets ignored fast.

Just like the “quick question… we’ll get you eleventy billion booked appointments” bros.

It’s just noise.

You need to stand out.

I’m not talking about launching rockets to Saturn.

It’s the little things.

Be different. On purpose.

Put yourself into a category of one.

What a mentor of mine calls a “mini monopoly”.

“We are the only ones who _________________.”

Unless you like things to be hard. Then disregard.

Random thoughts on a Friday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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