The 3 Levels Of Positioning. Which one are you?

Level 1 – Gerry Generalist

You do work for any client with a credit card.

You‘re generally the lowest paid provider.

Every problem you solve is a custom problem. You start each client at 0.

Both sales and delivery are difficult. You generally have a lot of moving pieces in your business.

Level 2 – Steven Specialist

You do work for people who have a specific scenario in common. Often this is an industry niche, but not always.

You‘re generally well paid for the solution you provide.

You‘re solving the same problem again and again. You have become efficient at it.

Sales and fulfillment are easier because you reuse a lot of materials.

Level 3 – Cedric Celebrity AuthorityYou have a specific type of client. Often, you work with the top 1-3% of your marketplace. The movers and shakers.

You‘re generally the highest-paid person for the type of solution you provide.

You specialize in a certain type of problem and reuse resources.

Sales happen before people speak with you. They are influenced by media (books, videos, podcasts, speaking from stage, etc). They see you as “the real deal” before they even talk. You have a team of people and systems to help you with fulfillment.

Which positioning do you have in your marketplace?

In my experience, the earnings look something like this…

Cedric 3-5x $$$ > StevenSteven 3-5x $$$ > GerryBy the way, the more you position yourself as Cedric…

…the less convincing you have to do.

In fact, often people have to convince you that they’re ready to work with you.

Buyers have to sell you that they are ready to pay you.

Here‘s a big, big secret.

Use digital media to pre-sell your offer.

Random thoughts on a Thursday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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