Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Do you guys use referral partners? If so, do you mind sharing any examples?

* My question for today is: you want to hire out your weaknesses, but at what point, do you just say “I need to be choosing a completely different business model” or niche?

Does anyone have some writing tips or examples for superior webinar ad copy?

Formats, triggers, etc.

* We’ve been using phone setters for over a year. In our industry, though, we can’t really do warm transfers so we just book scheduled calls

I’m moving into another vertical, though, where warm transfers will be great

I had one question that I think was alluded to but I don’t remember it being answered

What do you do when the client doesn’t answer the warm transfer?


– How do you best script it during the sales and onboarding process to help them know results are limited by their ability to pick up the phone?

– Physically, what do you do? Keep the prospect on hold and keep trying? Leave a voicemail and now it’s up to the client to call the prospect back? Other?

Thanks, in advance

* Man I’m having a hell of a time getting people to not say “no thanks” when reaching out on linkedin. So annoying…

I recently started some of your messaging for cold outreach Frankie Fihn

Hoping it works!

below is what I’ve been sending Realtors after I ask them if it’s cool if I can share what I have with them.

we call it the “Area Authority Blueprint” for realtors on LinkedIn.

The high level rundown looks like this.

First off, we optimize your LinkedIn profile to make sure it highlights your expertise and area of focus, so you stand out to potential clients.

Then, we zero in on the right locations, ensuring we’re targeting the people most likely to need your services.

Lastly, we kick off message campaigns to these targeted prospects showcasing your services and to potential partnerships opportunities in your area.

The blueprint isn’t just about visibility and expanding your network; it’s about positioning you as the top real estate authority in your area and turning your new connections into meaningful client relationships.

You can learn more about it here – https://start.premiumagentsolutions.com/area-authority

And if you want to discuss more schedule a call here –

* When you sell the outcome, how do you set the expectation for how long it will take (if it’s not immediate)?

I get a lot of new businesses that are hiring us to help them launch, but they never have lists to do database reactivations, which means it takes longer to start getting them leads through SEO and PPC.

What channels are you guys using for outreach at the moment?

* Me last week:

“Does Frankie’s stuff really work? It sounds too good.”

Me, today:

“Fuck yes!”

1st pitch responded positively!

Just completed video 1 of Frankie’s “Open with Anyone” course.

It’s already working.

Can’t wait to see what else is there in the course!

* In the spirit of doing quality instead of quantity outreach, has anybody here incorporated “buyer intent/motivation” in their factors of choosing which prospects to go after?

By which i mean, having the extra “checkmark” in your list that “yes this client is also in the market for and has buyer intent for SEO/Video Services/Chatbots (whatever it is you’re selling)”, and not just paying in general for marketing (a “shoe buyer”).

If so, how do you determine buyer intent before hand? i’ve heard that Apollo.io has a “buyer intent” feature, has anybody used it and tested if it’s legit?

* What’s your favorite book that helps with mindset?

* What is your best procedure to fire a difficult client. They always pay but they are just high-maintenance and too needy.

* Hey guys question!

If you are using linkedin as part of your marketing, how do not come across as one who’s not trying to sell? I’m asking because i get a ton of inboxes and I usually disregard them. And it dawned on me as I’m working on an inbound marketing strategy for LinkedIn. Thanks in advance

* Quick Q based on what you just said, I’m selling to the digital expert niche, do you think it’s worth really narrowing down to specifically consultant or coaches or masterminds or keeping it open when getting started nailing down my offer.

I’m following the $100bill idea, help selling high ticket stuff.


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