How to create services/packages that are dog shit easy to deliver and get client results quickly…

…plus, it puts you in a category of one…

…where you are the only one who offers what you offer. (ie no competition)

Jay Abraham says there are only 3 ways to grow a business.

1. Get more new people.

2. Sell bigger amounts to the people you already have.

3. Sell more frequently to the people you already have.

Here’s the issue.

If you ask 100 business owners what they need, 99 will say “new people” (AKA 1).

But what they are really after is new money.

And new money comes easiest from old people who know, like, and trust you already.

In fact, 2 and 3 are far easier and faster.

After all, what’s easier for a restaurant? Getting strangers off the street to try their food or inviting old guests to come back?

Now here’s the part where you use this understanding to create high value, easy to deliver, category of one services.

Imagine your client’s sales process like an American football field.

To make a sale, they must drive the ball 100 yards up the field.

What you do is look for opportunities in reverse.

What’s just 1 yard away already? 2-3 yards? 5? 10? 20?

Business owners falsely assume they are already fully optimized along the field. They aren’t.

1. Who is buying from them right now?

Can you offer more of what they already offer?

Is there something complementary?

What’s the next thing they would need anyway?

Example: A friend helps e-commerce stores upsell people more of the thing they just bought.

“You got 1 already and we have a special offer on a package of 3.”

It’s one 3-sentence email. Way easier than trying to manage 100 Facebook ad split tests.

Example: A mastermind member helps solar companies offer a service and maintenance package. Highly profitable and takes 1-2 emails to sell.

2. Who bought from them before?

Can you offer them the chance to come back for a new reason?

Can you incentivize them to refer their friends and family?

Can you help them generate word of mouth with a simple “tell a friend and get _____” offer?

Can you generate Google reviews from what they already have?

Example: We used to run a referral offer for lawyers to give past clients a free VIP consultation. Easy referral business.

Example: We have a guy who emails chiropractor customer lists and helps them sell more adjustments. Old people, new money.

3. Do they give out sales quotes/calls/offers? What happens to the people who don’t buy?

Can you follow up with people who don’t buy?

Can you offer a lower tier package?

Can you address their objections and win back a sale or two?

Example: See my interview with Mark Diodate on our YouTube channel.

He went from trying to sell cold Facebook leads to HVAC contractors to calling back the 7 out of 10 people who got quotes and didn’t buy.

This resulted in 20 new clients his first month and easy commissions for him. Nobody else offers this.

Example: We have quite a few people who have created GHL SAAS businesses following up with the “almost boughts”.

4. Do they have people who schedule appointments and don’t show up or cancel?

Can you add in automations that actually get people to show up?

Can you automate the booking process on a landing page so customers don’t have to talk to someone?

Example: Lana switched from trying to get yoga and fitness studios to closing appointments on the phone…

…to automating it online, including the reminders. More people walk through her client’s doors now.

Example: We added an automated voice message after booking that took our own show up rates from 50% to 95%. Thanks Rob Rammuny for this share.

5. Do they have form fills and inquiries who they haven’t been able to reach?

Can you simply add more follow up?

Can you use tools and automation so your client responds to these immediately?

Can you incentivize those people to finish the last 10 yards?

Example: A guy in the Wolfpack added $600k in one week. Actual profits not gross.

His client had a list of 60,000 people who were called once and didn’t answer. The client believed they were “bad leads”.

He had his phone VAs call them back. They got paid $500 per closed deal. Now he’s getting referred to other clients with big unconverted lists.

6. Do they have unconverted traffic?

What happens when people visit their site but don’t buy?

Is there a way to invite those people back?

Can you incentivize a sale now?

Example: One of the easiest services we ever delivered was called “omnipresent retargeting”.

We took injury lawyers who already had lots of traffic. We retargeted the people who didn’t convert across many platforms.

We only needed a small ad budget to see results and we used their testimonials and videos. No ads to write.

Plus the campaigns were set and forget because they constantly drive new traffic. The ads were always new to someone.

These are just a few examples how you can build the sales process in reverse.

The other cool benefit of creating a service this way?

Everything you do is seen as a bonus.

Let’s pretend you sell to solar companies.

If you help them upsell a maintenance package…

..they have zero expectation.

Whatever you get is a bonus. Clients are grateful and happy.

If you help them generate leads…

…you are watched like a hawk.

It’s never fast enough, cheap enough, or good enough quality.

And there are 1000 companies over your shoulder competing with you.

Clients scrutinize every move on the front end. They have zero expectations if you don’t work there.

So if you’re looking to do something different…

…be the goal line running back.

Let other agencies bring the ball 95 yards up the field.

You just help your clients with the last 5 yards.

The most valuable 5 yards on the field.

The 5 yards where they get paid.

It’s easier, faster, and often far more profitable.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday in the Amazon jungle in Peru.

May the force be with you.

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