Weekly Q&A (traveling, so this one is prerecorded)

Topics include:

* What’s The Biggest Trend That Marketers Will Miss Out On In 2024?

* Who has success selling books on Amazon using Meta ads?

* I have an agency for about a year now. One major client. Today I realized fb has been over reporting the shit out of client results. We setup triplewhale and our ROAS went from a healthy 3.5-4.2x to a whopping 1.5 to 2.0. FB says we made him 430k Usd in the last 30 days and his shopify store only reports earning 415k. WTF do I do? I bill on ROAS + small retainer (ikik) and not sure what to do in this zucked up situation.

Thanks for any help or advice (preferably before I jump off a building).

* Has anybody created any VSLs for their pay-per-lead programs that they wouldn’t mind sharing?

* Hey Chat GPT folks what are some super helpful prompts you have learned that drastically improved your business?

* Should you meet with a client every week or once every month once everything gets rolling with an SEO Campaign, Website, etc?

* Why do I see so many local “digital marketing” gurus selling courses and they all drive either McLaren or a Lamborghini?? Is the money in this field that good

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