I’ve tried many of the agency business models.

Lots 10 years before they even had a name.


Retainer plus share of ad spend

White label

Rank and rent

Revenue share


Back end

Referral campaigns

Done with you



My biggest regret?

I heard Kasim Aslam echo the same thing.

-> Not asking for more of the upside. <-

I remember my first big client success. A plastic surgeon in Dallas named Sam.

We added $3 million annually to his bottom line.

Suddenly $400/month for SEO seemed like an extreme bargain.

If I had just said $400/month plus 10%, it would have been a$300k/year deal. Same work.

If you got shit that works…

…ask for a share of the wins.

You have nothing to lose.

Random thoughts on a Friday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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