Learn the principles that never change.

Seems everyone gets hot and bothered by the latest tactic.

It was crypto. Then NFTs. Then TikTok. Now it’s AI chatbots.

Marketers ruin everything. Tactics come and go.

Keith Krance once made waiving arm Facebook videos that urged people to stop scrolling and watch his ad.

Within a month, dozens of marketers were copying the arm thing verbatim.

It stopped working.

If you only learn the tactic, you’ll wave your arms like a whacky, waving, inflatable arm man… until it stops working.

If you learn the principle……(do something to get people’s attention in this case)……you can invent your own tactics and strategies.

How many different ways can you think to grab someone’s attention?

It’s practically endless.

I remember people asking Jeff Bezos what he thought would change in 10 years.

He responded back, “Why do people always ask me that? I’m most interested in what’s NOT going to change.”Principles > Strategies > Tactics

Random thoughts in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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