“I’ll be happy when…”

One of the biggest entrepreneurial traps is thinking we’ll be happy once we hit a goal.

“I’ll be happy when monthly recurring revenue hits…”

$10k / $30k / $50k / $100k / $1 mill / $10 mill / $100 mill.

The goal doesn’t matter.

If happiness depends on a goal, 99% of the journey is miserable and 1% is in achievement and fulfillment.

I once told myself I would be happy when I finally got to $5k/month and didn’t need a job ever again. That was my first goal 16+ years ago.

When I got there, I spent about 5 minutes being happy, then doubled my goal. I immediately went back to feeling like I wasn’t “there” yet. Then went back to being miserable about it.

That goal has doubled quite a few times since then.

Here’s the real secret.

Appreciate what you have now… and be open to more.

No need to be happy later. Be happy now. And later.

Random thoughts in Mexico while the kiddos nap.

May the force be with you.

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