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Topics include:

* Are you selling Pay Per Lead?

I have a prospect insisting on PPL, and so far I’ve avoided that model. He’s committed to 100+ leads per day, up to $100 per, in South FL for a service business with 40 technicians. Willing to partner or hand-off this prospect to someone appropriate.

* Hey Frankie, I know that you’re preaching all about selling the result & not the hammer but, some people I know are just not willing to take the risk it requires to generate the results.

I know a few of them & wanted to ask this question on their behalf:

If a person is selling booked appointments then how should he track if a meeting was booked into the client’s calendly account and whether or not the person who booked the meeting showed up or not?

* Does anyone have suggestions for advertising & offer creation groups on facebook that are only suited well for advanced marketers only?

(Please share)


Hi Folks,

I am a boutique agency, 7 figure with a small crew. We are looking into acquisition options.

I’m posting to get your thoughts on a proper valuation. 3x EBITA? Does churn or years in business play a factor?

Thank you.

* Ok I’m still new and looking at Frankie’s videos but what I’m getting at is….this model is just selling seo but delivering it as a smaller package?

* I know that when you are looking for the symptoms, you ask the question “what’s the most difficult part about being a plumber?”

And that will give you the symptoms at the plumber is experiencing if you want to go a step further and talk to plumbers clients how would you phrase this question would it be “what’s the most difficult thing about working with a plumber?”

* Anyone know any good books/resources on crafting ad copy/creative?

Testing ads sometimes feels like guesswork – I want to know the science and methodology behind what makes an ad successful!

Thanks dudes

* I am updating my Facebook bio. I see so many people use “I help NICHE get RESULT without BLANK” I feel like whenever I see that kind of thing I tune it out because it automatically feels cringy, and like a marketer. I am not sure if other people feel the same way.

But maybe its because I see it all the time and my ideal client does not see it all the time so maybe it’s a beacon of hope for them. I dont know. Frankie whats the best way you’ve seen this used. By the way this is what i came up with in the first place

“NICHE gain 10-20+ monthly leads with my Impact Method, their website, & strategic ads.”

Is it good, cringy or should i do something else?

* Does anyone have experience with Facebook ads for long customer journeys / high-ticket products and services?

My client has a 25% no-show rate on average, but we’re seeing a 50% no-show rate from my leads.

I’ve been running ads getting people in for a free consultation and giving them $1000 off the procedure if they decide to follow through, so the offer isn’t the problem.

What would you do to attempt to solve the no-show issue?

* Through which social media platforms do you get the most clients in your niche?

* Hey everyone! What are some of your favourite ways to avoid scope creep?

I have a client that keeps emailing me questions for insights into other projects they are working on, outside of the main project he contracted us for.

I’m seeing it as a good opt. to try and upsell but would love to hear about approaches or other things to conisder here.

Thank you!

* Have you ever had to fire a client? Why?

Can’t let clients berate my team for small mistakes and unrealistic communication expectations.

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