Poor and middle class vs wealthy.

“Get a real job!”

“Go to school, get a good job, save, retire, and play it safe.”

“Quit being a dreamer!”

“What do you even do again?”

Most of us agency owners have been programmed by poor and middle class values.

Poor = Trade time, energy, and effort for a low hourly wage.

Middle class = Trade time, energy, and effort for a salary plus benefits.

Wealthy = Control and own assets.

Those values show up funny when you run an agency.

We have lots of folks sell web design.

Poor = I’ll sell you an affordable custom WordPress website.

(Trade time and effort for low pay)

Middle class = We charge $2k-10k for a custom WordPress website.

(Trade time and effort for good pay.)

Wealthy = We have a website that other plastic surgeons have used to get mommy makeover patients. We can swipe it into your business in an hour. Just pay for it as long as you use it.

(Trade money for assets you already have.)

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