Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Recommendations for your favorite call tracking software?

* can you suggest an easy niche to start with ?

* How many of you test new offers when it comes to gaining new clients? Do you think they should be tested often?

After months of testing we found an offer that’s been booking us almost 3x the amount of meetings with prospects using the same systems, teams etc.

Extremely valuable lever – why this isn’t discussed more is beyond me

* Hi all.

I’m looking to get a good start into this industry, so I’m asking for recommendations on a Social Ads course, but I’m not talking about a Google/Udemy/Hubspot course. More like someone who offers an ‘inner circle’, an online community with weekly support calls etc.

A few years ago, a mate of mine paid for a marketing course (Jeff Miller’s). He said it was life changing, and that it wasn’t actually the course he was paying for, it was the guidance and expert help he received along the way. The inner circle of Guns in the group taught him everything he knows about setting up his business from scratch, they answered any of his problems/questions in the 24/7 support community. They supplied him with VA’s where he now outsources certain services overseas for his own successful DM agency etc.

So I’m looking for more than just a course, more so, a well respected mentor with and inner circle of experts who guides students through setting up etc, rather than someone who just teaches how to set up Ad campaigns.

Unfortunately (for me), this course no longer exists.

Please let me know if you’re aware of any other similar ‘mentorship’ courses such as the one described, above.

* Hey yo Frankie, how would you get a business to buy into custom AI chatbots for their business?

Frankie Fihn can you hit me with some unique niches or how you’d go about finding some?

Looking to toy around with some new stuff on YouTube

* Advice please dudes – My service helps Realtors get more listings by bringing them qualified sellers, and doing all the appointment booking and lead follow up on autopilot.

How can I position my offer in a way that estimates client results clearer than ‘more listings’….but not in a way that lets clients say – ‘You promised me 3 listings but I only got 2, refund please’

Prospects want cold hard numbers, but the market/their area/their ability to close makes that pretty hard to predict

* Guys, Can you share suggestions on how & when to hire an operation manager? What kind of working knowledge/experience do you prefer? Is it mandatory to hire a person with a Digital marketing background?. In-house or remote which one will be better.

* Have you ever fired a client?

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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