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Topics include:

* Guys, we are going into a niche that is a bit in a grey zone for Meta and Google (nothing criminal, just one of those niches). Want to attach some third-party tracking in case I get banned and lose pixel or analytics – so I could still have constant tracking (and check KPI at least).

Can you recommend something that would fit the bill?

* Hello

When setting up a Leadmagnet Funnel with a Tripwire: Where to put the Tripwire? My clients has it on her thank you page, after people confirmed the Double Opt-In.

My advice would be to put the Tripwire on the “almost done” site, so the first site they land, after they sign up for the leadmagnet They then would see the offer straight, not after they confirmed their E-Mail Adress…

Especially when the goal is to generate sales/cover the ad cost with the tripwire

Any advice? especially for the german market with the DSGVO

* Hey

Longtime lurker

I want to become shit hot at Fb ads. (Don’t we all) Mech Eng graduate I can handle the bandwidth but want to start in the right direction.

Is Fbs own course the best starting point? Appreciate any direction or nuance info

Also any tips on building a connection with FB so I don’t get any of these horror shutdowns I hear about.

TIA, hope u all having a dope Sunday

* Hey Frankie, hope you had a relaxing weekend with the fam. Couple of questions for ya. Where is a good place to find personal injury attorneys for SEO? Or what would be your optimal strategy to get in front of interested PI Attorneys? Google map pack?

* I’m looking for feedback on my website content.

I’ve been tweaking my home page, reducing the amount of text trying to streamline it all.

But now I’m concerned that I may have omitted stuff.

Can I get some constructive feedback?

Side note – I am in the process of evaluation of the design itself after several people have given me the feedback of “it’s not modern” or “it’s dated” which was not followed up with additional information, kinda like saying the sky is big…. and that’s it. I don’t know if it means that there’s not enough images or if it doesn’t look like a copy of Architecture Digest or what…

The website is bluehonudesign.com


* Looking for more good white label partners for:

1. B2B outreach, e.g. cold email, linkedin.

2. Lead gen for META ADS / funnels. E.g. for high ticket clients, coaching, sales call funnels, that kinda stuff

Frankie Fihn Tagging you as well in case you know anyone good for the above

* What are people offering their clients when they can’t handle anymore new customers?

* What’s the main objection you get in sales calls?

1. Pricing

2. Partner/decision maker

3. Need more social proof

4. Not right timing

5. Talking to other companies

If you run a digital marketing agency…

…get a copy of my book: https://amzn.to/2XbKcPl