Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* I am Running ads on Facebook and Google ads for Solar to my landing page. I planned to do retargeting on Facebook for Google clicks. My marketing guy says that it is impossible since Facebook can’t talk to Google. I suspect that he is B.S. He said that i should retarget all clicks, but i want to retarget only Google clicks since they are with very high intent. I don’t want to retarget Facebook clicks , since i already did it and it didn’t produce mind-blowing results as i thought it will produce. Is there any way to retarget with Facebook Google click or my my digital marketer is correct

* Frankie Fihn or anyone else, what is the click to send snail mail platform you like best? Wanna try the Dan Kennedy Sales Letter method.

* Looking at implementing a loom video strategy.

Can anyone provide examples of a loom video they’ve created to inspire some ideas on how to craft it?

* Need some advice. I originally started out being a generalist agency. I then niche down to Automotive, but I find myself going back to being a generalist agency. I was thinking about creating a another company for being general kind of like a fractional chief, marketing officer for companies, and then have my agency currently be strictly, Automotive and I was also thinking about having a sass company, I’m hesitant because it sounds like it’ll be a lot of work maintaining three separate companies but my goal is to sell each one to another agency within the next year. Any device would be appreciated on the best course of action. Keep it generalist like I’m doing under one roof or separated by two agencies on top of a SaaS business

* Anyone have a good recommendation for where to find someone to contact our clients’ leads? A lot of our clients are not following up with leads properly and I am looking for a way to bring someone onto our team that would call our clients’ leads within minutes of the lead submitting their information. Obviously they’d need to have perfect English and work US hours. Anyone know of a good place to look for such a person?

* Here’s my first offer to a solar friend of mine (my first offer ever).

Mid-level SEO + 2hr/mo website optimization: $2090/mo

PPC setup and management of Google ads PLUS retargeting: $2200

Managed WordPress hosting: $100/mo

His Ad spend would be $100/day or 3k/mo.

Total recurring cost: $4390 plus 3k on ads = $7,390/mo

His solar business turns about 40 jobs/mo at 25K/job.

I don’t know his margins, but what do you think about the offer? He wants to double his business in 1-2 years. All things being equal, can I tell him there’s a good chance the above strategy will get him there assuming he has a decent product/service and a decent sales team? Any suggestions on how I might make this offer even better (for him or me or both of us)?

* Agency owners: What’s the #1 method that you’re using right now to talk to prospects? Things are slowing down over here and my usual lead sources have quit producing over the past 2 months or so. Looking for any ideas or even willing to hire someone who’s able to book appointments.

* I have my first sales call today, feeling nervous. Give me some advise!

If you run a digital marketing agency…


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