A lot of people struggle to attract folks with money.

They unknowingly make offers that appeal to broke folks.

And often falsely conclude the problem is their niche.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news…

…but it ain’t the niche.

It’s not because realtors/dentists/ecomm/HVAC/etc are broke and it’s too competitive.

It’s who they’re targeting within their niche.

There are broke lawyers and $500,000,000 lawyers.

There are broke plumbers and guys with 40 crews across 6 states.

There are dance studios with 4 paying clients and ones with 75 locations nationwide.

You gotta make offers that appeal to people who can afford it.

Do this wrong and any amount will feel like pulling teeth.

Do this right and it’s “I’d like to put in on my Visa.”

Busy successful folks with money don’t need more.

“More leads/sales/customers/clients/patients.”

The last thing a successful dentist wants is more dentisting.

They’ve got a ton of things to do, mountains of responsibility, and not enough good people to help them execute.

It’s about offering less.

What can you take off their plate?

What can they do less of as a result of your solution?

What can you eliminate from their daily grind?

Because when I see a lot of offers, they’re focused on the wrong thing. (How much “more” folks can have tomorrow.)

“I’ll 10x your biz”.

Think the CEO of General Electric believes you’ll 10x his biz with a Facebook ad?

Or that he’s just one funnel away to another billion?

Or does that offer appeal to someone with no cash just getting started?

Here’s the secret.

Solve a painful present problem.

For someone who is already successful.

And do it easier, faster, better, and with less mistakes.

You’ll be amazed at how money flows downhill.

From peeps who got it.

May the force be with you.

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