Poor and middle class values will fuck you in this game.

It says that every penny must be hard-earned.

My mother had her adages.

“What do you think I am made of money?”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“I work hard for my money.” (Worn as a badge of honor.)

I wish more agency owners understood leverage.

Too many people come to me on the verge of burnout. They make good, but not great money.

Working long crazy weeks full of daily hustle.

They’re prospecting.

Doing phone calls and meetings.

Juggling freelancers.

Trying to build landing pages, sites, and funnels.

Managing ads.

Creating designs.



The latest updates.



Learning 18 kinds of software.

Buttloads of email.

Etc etc.

The hustle, grind, scale bros have convinced them they need to do more.

Gary V would be proud.

The wealthy don’t do that.

The poor typically trade their time for a low hourly wage.

The middle class typically trade their time for a salary and benefits.

The wealthy use leverage.

Leverage is your output relative to your input.

It’s when you stop playing sophisticated games of trading time for money. (Like a $1k-$10k/month retainer for a custom service.)

How much value does your machine crank out relative to how much energy you have to put in?

Because these processes have the same outputs… but with drastically different energy and time inputs:

Process 1: Cold message 10,000 people in your niche and conduct 100 sales calls with icy cold prospects, and (hopefully) land a half dozen clients.

Process 2: Cold message 1 person who has an audience of 10,000 people in your niche, add value to their world, get referred a dozen sales calls, and land a half dozen clients.

Process 3: Document a process step by step, so it can be executed by a VA, who messages 1 person in your industry with an audience of 10,000 people, adding value to their world, getting a dozen referrals, sending those leads a pre-recorded video sales pitch, and land a half dozen clients.

Same result. Same money.

Drastically different input. Dump trucks of time and energy difference.

For a lot of years, I was on the losing end of the leverage equation.

Having 3 young kids forced me to rethink everything.

I simply don’t have the same time and energy to hustle every problem away.

In my younger days, I could be a “scale bro”. Outwork any problem.

Now that I’ve got a few grays in my beard…

…and I want to see my kids grow up…

leverage is a necessity.

So if you’re finding yourself overworked…

…chances are you’re bringing poor and middle-class values to entrepreneurship.

Trading dollars for hours worked.

Despite what most of the industry will tell you, you already work hard enough.

Use leverage. Work smarter.

Figure out how to give yourself bigger outputs with easier inputs.

I often ask myself…

“What’s the most amount of value I could create using just a small amount of time and energy?”

May the force be with you.

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