Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Hi my fellow agency owners, just curious how is everyone keeping track on the sales person in your agency in terms of the commission, incentives, clawback, KPI, etc?

* Any courses in marketing anybody recommends, short courses or anything online?

* I gotta jump on a call in a minute so I’ll watch the replay later, but I was gonna ask if you could answer two questions.

1. From cold prospect to a backend rev share completed and paid (including the test and assuming the prospect is open to it), what’s a general timeline for those kind of deals.

2. We see a bunch of top line stripe screenshots out there, but could you give a general framework of what an agency looks like at different take home amounts (at $1k, $10k, $50k, etc)

Just listen to Frankie bro!

* If you were stripped of all your contacts, portfolio, experience and everything you had. But you have the knowledge you do today.

What would be the very first thing you do?

I’m 19, got no experience or qualifications, and am ready to begin.

What is recommended

* Anyone in here running an offer that’s pay on performance for your clients and you have sales reps closing deals?

* Question for the highly successful and profitable agencies in the group

What’s the difference that made the difference to your success?

* Anyone recommend a VA service. (Answer phones, appointment setting, etc.)

* Social media followers automatically translate to loyal customers.

True or False?

* This may seem like a stupid question, but.

Do you find a significant difference in cold client acquisition percentages if you initially meet clients in person?

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