The way everyone else says you have to do outreach:

* Contact people through LinkedIn, Instagram, and email.

* Zero response? Keep emailing.

* Worry if a domain gets marked as spam, third parties will put you in a black hole.

* Buy separate email addresses.

* Warm them up. Warm up servers.

* Filter through 47x different sending and software tools

* Test new messages every day.

* Send 1000’s of messages. Get a few 100 appointments. Close a few clients (hopefully).

* Blast, blast, and blast some more.

That’s how a lot of people chase deals 1-to-1.

Meanwhile, we’re over here going after deal sources.

Writing stupid simple messages.

Messages I would have flunked high school English for.

To a small handful of people.

No servers. No software. No scripts. No templates.

The result? Getting our stuff in front of thousands.

And building real relationships we can tap into for years.

Deal sources are different.

There is no magic outreach script that works on all of them.

You show them you can help them by… *gasp*…

…actually helping them.

Wild concept.

Random thoughts on a Tuesday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

If you run a digital marketing agency…



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