A lesson on what NOT to do…

…brought to you by Namecheap.

I’ve been a customer of Namecheap for over 10 years.

I’ve bought over 300 domains from them.

Over a week ago, they detected some “suspicious activity” on my account. (So they say. I have no proof of this.)

Here’s what they decided to do.

* Freeze my account WITHOUT telling me. I found out from some of you guys who couldn’t access our members area.

* Make me jump through 18 different hoops.

* Take 4 days to respond to a help ticket only to ask me another question and another question. Nothing is getting done.

* Am now held hostage as I can’t even log into my account to switch to another domain registrar.

I now have a bunch of domains that don’t work. I’ve lost biz.

I assume they will be back online eventually but I have no idea when.

Here’s the deeper thing they don’t understand.

They are currently offering a special “sale” to get a new customer.

But for every 300 “new” people they get, they could have just kept one me.

Retention > “Sales”

Most agencies work their asses off to make sales.

They do about 1/100 of that same work to retain people.

For the record, I’m not saying you shouldn’t “make sales”. Just saying you should have a plan to keep the sales you make.

Retaining clients comes down to a few things.

* Is your offer unique enough that they can’t just get it somewhere else?

* Are your results paying for themselves?

* Do you set expectations properly?

* Do you exceed the expectations you set?

* What is your plan to go from “let’s try each other out” to “let’s go steady”?

My oldest client has been with me since 2009. You don’t need to hustle so hard when you have clients like that.

The average agency keeps their clients about 3 months. Probably less in corona (<– educated guess.)

All sales + no retention = always grinding

Of course there is an easier way.

What would happen for you if your average client stayed at least 2 years?

What would your bank account look like if every client you ever had once was still paying you now?

Food for thought.

For those of you in the members area…

I hope to have everything back online as soon as possible.

Namecheap can eat a dick.

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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