Free Training: The Godfather of Facebook ads shares what’s working now to sell agency services w/ Nicholas Kusmich

Brought one of the best and brightest and most successful Facebook ads guys in the world.

We’re talking…

* What funnels work and how to build your own

* The dreaded issues with scaling

* How to sell a lot of your shit ethically

* Post iOS 14 life and how to use Facebook ads to sell expertise like agencies, courses, masterminds, coaching, consulting and that kind of stuff

Plus just some fun conversation of two cool dudes talking some shit.

May the force be with you.


If you run a digital marketing agency…


Bonus 1: My copy and paste $100k client 4-day cash machine campaign.

Bonus 2: How we sign $1k-10k/month agency clients without phone calls using 5-minute Loom videos.

Bonus 3: Script to get a new client conversation in your inbox in under 10 minutes without ads, SEO, funnels, Google, or Facebook.

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