Party is about to get real with folks joining us for our live event tomorrow! Excited to see some smart folks in the flesh.

Couple random thoughts for y’all…

1. Life is too short spent living someone else’s dream. Build your kind of biz with your kind of people. Run your own race.

My biggest flex is that I get to spend time with my kids every single day of my life.

2. You have a mission.

Even if it seems like you’re just doing small random piddly shit like landing pages, PPC ads, SEO, and funnels.

Our work changes businesses and the families and people they support. You have no idea the ripple effect you cause.

3. A few people asked about revenue share deals.

You do not need your own list. There are plenty of businesses that have one they haven’t marketed to once in 30 years. It’s the norm. Use their list. We detail how inside here.…/1YSKBEQVuHJaKhfaaNgwn…/edit…

By the way, a few of you guys told me you love the copy I wrote. It’s actually the brilliant copywriter Sam Whelan. He wrote this in my voice. Work with him. He’s good.

4. Now more than ever, I believe the people who do the best in this biz are entrepreneurs who just happen to use an agency as their business model.

They are entrepreneurs at heart.

I see a lot of folks wanting to learn the exact 5-step blueprint. You can’t succeed long term using someone else’s copy and paste system.

Take the pieces that work for you. Reengineer and innovate little things. Add value.

5. Never solve a problem once. Every time you solve a problem, be simultaneously thinking about…

…”How can I solve this problem for other people too?”

Tools. Systems. Documentation. Templates. Software. Etc.

6. Play chess, not checkers.

Chess masters think a dozen moves in advance. Checkers players just do basic left or right tactics.

I’ll take a strategic entrepreneur over someone grinding.

You want to be thinking at least 2-3 moves in advance.

If you’re not, start asking yourself, “And then what?”

I see this a lot in the sales process. Someone sends a proposal and client isn’t sure. Then they ask themselves what to do.

Checkers folks try to make it up on the fly.

Chess folks already have their process ready to go for yes, no, and maybe.

7. A good mentor can take 8 years of struggle and turn it into 8 weeks of growth.

No one can make you succeed.

But they can eliminate a lot of years of stress, struggle, and seeing what you can’t see.

If you’re interested, come join us in the WolfPack. If not, there are a few other folks in this biz I would also recommend.

Just don’t go it alone and pay the ignorance task.

Anyway, I’m off to prepare some good stuff.

Random thoughts on a Thursday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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