One of the big agency success secrets is creating a “mini monopoly”.

When your service seems like something a client can get anywhere…

…sales are difficult to get.

You chase a lot.

Lotsa and lotsa prospecting.

Expensive ads.


Phone calls. Sometimes a few sales calls.

No shows.

All that kinda jazz.

Chase til you’re blue in the face.

It’s like being one of the 63,000,000+ websites selling the same generic SEO.

Pushing a boulder uphill. Grind. Grind. Grind.

When you have a mini monopoly, there is only one choice.


Your company.

It makes the chase a lot easier.

It’s like being the prom queen.

You are in demand.

So how do you create your own mini monopoly?

It’s a complex topic in general…

So I want to give you the shortest easiest way to create your own.

(It’s not the only way. Just a way that’s worked best.)

There are 3 basic steps.

1. Pick a broad niche.

2. Specialize in the highest value “$100” clients

3. Create a unique system to produce $100 clients

Let me give you an example of how we did this in my first agency.

Our niche for SEO was plastic surgeons.

Like most niches, it’s competitive. Cutthroat even.

Within that niche, there are tons of customers across the spectrum.

That’s true in every niche FYI. Yours too.

I can’t stress this enough…

Not all clients are created equal.

Nickel Clients

There is the “volume” work. What I call the “nickel” clients.

Botox injections. Boob jobs.

Stuff that is generally low profit margin. Sometimes even zero margins.

When you bring these leads, you work your client to the bone. They work long hours for low profitability.

$100 Bill Clients

Then there is the high-end specialty work. What I call the “$100 bill” clients.

Face lifts. Nose jobs. Mommy makeovers.

Most of those services start at $25k and up. Some go much higher.

FYI there is an equivalent nickel service and $100 bill service in your niche as well.

Most agencies treat nickels and hundred dollar bill leads all the same. They’re not.

Here’s what we did.

We wanted to create a system that brought clients more of their $100 bill clients.

We helped our clients create a mini website around their feature $100 bill service.

A specialty face lift, mommy makeover, or nose job website.

Sometimes one of each.

Then we optimized their new $100 bill website around the $100 bill Google searches.

The face lift site was optimized for the face lift searches. The mommy makeover site for the mommy makeover keywords.

You get the idea.

Remember, our clients could get SEO anywhere.

They literally get pitched SEO in their inbox 100+ times per day… every day!

But we were the only place they could get a mini website designed and optimized to bring in their highest value, most profitable $100 bill work.

In other words, a mini-monopoly.

Of course, anybody could do that. But nobody does.

Equally true if you do web design, Facebook ads, Adwords, funnels, sales copy, etc.

And this structure also makes scaling a lot easier too. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Thoughts on a Friday afternoon in Mexico.

May the force be with you.


If you run a digital marketing agency…


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