“I’m not ready to work with the big, successful people yet. I’ll just test my system on a few smaller people.”

I’ll never forget the first time a 9-figure law firm hired me as a consultant.

They flew me in first class and took me out on the town. Box seat at a baseball game, limo ride, fancy restaurant, 4-star hotel. All paid for.

On the inside, I felt extremely unworthy.

I thought, “What could I possibly show these people that they don’t already know? I’ve never been close to 9 figures.”

Ever seen people who get certification after certification and never feel ready enough to just do the thing? Always delaying it.

A lot of times folks feel like they’re not ready to work with the A-players.

They say, “I’ll test my system out on a few lower level clients first.”

That’s like saying, “I’m not ready to date the prom queen, so I’ll date two dozen cave trolls first.”

It very rarely works out in practice.

Here’s the reality. Having money does not solve all life problems.

In fact, business problems actually get BIGGER as they grow.

A single owner/operator might have bills to pay and cash flow issues.

A mega successful business might have bills to pay, 200 staff members on their payroll, 8 locations, and franchise fees.

When they have cash flow problems, they really, really have cash flow problems.

Money doesn’t solve all their problems. The opposite. The problems get bigger.

If you don’t believe me, ask someone who has worked for a big corporate company. Ask them if they thought they had it all figured out.

A lot of times we don’t feel ready to go after the big fish.

And so we try and convince folks who have no history of investing in themselves to get into the game.

I’ve found it’s far easier to find folks who do invest already. Then help them find better, faster, easier ways.

We don’t turn losers into winners.

We help winners win more.

You aren’t ever going to feel 100% “ready”. There’s no better day than today.

Random thoughts in Mexico.

May the force be with you.


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