The next level of success is on the other side of boldness.

I’ve often heard “just take action”…

…as if action is a cure to everything.

But some of the hardest working people I know are the brokest.

They have no shortage of actions.

It‘s not just action. It’s what actions?

“What would move the needle most today?”

Usually the answer is at least one bold, focused, strategic action.

The kind of action that feels uncomfortable.

The kind that makes you think “I’m not ready yet”.

The kind of action that spins the overactive mind into “yeah but what if…?”

But you do it anyway. Imperfectly.

And you continue to move forward irrespective of immediate results or lack thereof.

And make failure okay too.

I used to make a to do list. Then start with the least important stuff to “build momentum”. This was my way of avoiding doing the truly important focused work.

I still have my moments of procrastination. I still have my moments of being scared. I still doubt and worry.

I’m not always a bold warrior who conquers life.

But fear doesn’t drive the bus like it used to.

And I’m far more willing to try some crazy bold shit and fail.

I’m more willing to step into the game 7 of the World Series, bottom of the ninth, with 2 outs, and no warms up… trying to hit a 3-2 slider off of Randy Johnson.

I don’t need 85 rounds of teeball to “get ready”.

Or I don’t need 1998 levels of Mark McGwire steroids to prepare to feel ready.

I take the at bat now.

So whatever it is you want in life.

Give yourself permission to have it.

You don’t need to justify it to anyone else.

“Well I want it because…”Fuck that.

You want it because you want it.

And that’s okay.

If you happen to feed the orphans and save some puppies along the way… cool.

But it’s also cool to just be a greedy selfish capitalist pig.

It‘s cool just to have your goals because you want them.







Seize the day… muthafuckas.

Random thoughts in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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