Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Do you guys see any drop on meta ads this month? We run lead gen ads. Until March, our results were phenomenal but since the outage everything plummeted.

Did you find a way to recover your ads?

* Hey fellows.

2 Meta ad campaigns with

– exact same targeting of 3 ad grps in each campaign

– both lead ad campaigns

– same biz manager acct, same ad acc

– same meta page

– same user acct launching them

– same lead form questions

but with

– different ad copy and creative

– different lead form copy

one shows $90 CPM, one shows $30 CPM even after duplicating campaigns and retrying.

What gives?

Any guesses why such a big difference in CPM? are we getting penalised due to ad copy or smth?

* “Opportunity handled well, leads to more opportunities”

Stumbled across this quote on a Twitter thread…I still can’t for the life of me call it X…

As I’m exploring all this opportunity in the creator economy. Watching my car guy YouTube channels, reading the comments and listening for clues…

Imagining where I’ll be when they say yes. While hoping I don’t sound like a complete idiot when I approach them…

Admittedly there’s some fear. Because I respect these people and what they’ve built.

But it’s been kinda fun watching their content for opportunity rather than just to pass the time.

* Bit of a niche question, but hoping someone’s got experience working with Realtors in here…

How can I charge my clients when they close one of my leads, without breaking any laws?

Looking to start charging commission when they close a sale that came from my leads – but I’ve only recently learned that it’s illegal to split commish with someone who isn’t a licensed agent (me)…

… is there a workaround? Or a different sort of structure I could try?

* What software/platform do you all use for reporting SEO to clients?

* Is LeadsGorilla a good software for finding potential clients? It’s something I’m considering looking at.

* Sales rep comp question: Should reps be compensated on retainer packages on a one time, upfront basis, or should they be compensated every month that the client stays as they work to manage the client relationship, retain the client, etc. Appreciate your insight in advance.

* I’m curious to know, any US based agencies here working with businesses in Canada and Australia? Is it even logistically possible?


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