Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Does anyone know a way to create an audience of health insurance agents/brokers with company size 10-50 people?

I tried creating custom audiences from linkedin but the size wasn’t big enough to create it. I also tried lookalike audiences from this data and I kept getting solo agents.

Let me know what methods you would use.

* How do you make your ppc clients stay with you for long time? My ones leave after their goals are achieved. Need some suggestions please.

* Hey Frankie! Love your content bro. So I get the idea of finding the shoe buyers for a specific niche like what you did for your water restoration agency. BUT, what if your niche isn’t a specific industry?

Our service is local seo, so much easier than what you were doing for lawyers lol. We find weak spots in the serps so it doesn’t take a ton of money or energy to rank people (time is still 3-6 months though).

So our “niche” is whatever company can turn a profit on those keywords. Make sense? Though I will say we prefer construction or ‘home services’ companies. (though many guys do and prefer commercial work).

How would you go about finding shoe buyers in that situation? Like there’s no association or anything for these guys. Just happens there’s low comp on a keyword.

Thanks in advance!

* Heyo!

Battle of the software:

Click Up or Airtable?

We went from Monday to airtable but chatted with another agency owner who raved about clickup.

Any thoughts?

* What made you finally pull the trigger on niching down? I am on the fence & about to jump off.

* What’s something you had to learn the hard way about running a business?

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