Hell yes to Chris Benetti for landing a huge webinar with Ryan Deiss.

This is exactly what I’ve been preaching about with one-to-many outreach.

Chris helps authors sell more of their books…

…which leads to back end sales of courses, trainings, masterminds, etc.

He could have cold messaged 10,000 digital marketers. (Like everyone says you “have to” do.)

Or he could have gone to one of the biggest influencers in the space (Ryan Deiss). Sent ONE really great message.

Chris took big bold calculated action.

Now he’ll get in front of 10’s of 1000’s of authors as THE book funnel expert. Ryan and him are co-creating a webinar together.

All it took was ONE message and an irresistible offer.

The goal isn’t to randomly hit up everyone’s inbox.

It‘s to play chess (strategic moves) when everyone else is playing checkers (tactical thinking).

Bet he lands a client or two (or 30) from it.

Well done Chris!Random thoughts on a Thursday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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