Free Training: Get $10k-$15k Real Estate Checks Done Entirely With A Virtual Assistant

Frankly, this is the ultimate side hustle.

So this last year I’ve gotten into real estate.

In fact, you’d be surprised to learn that we’ve flipped houses in Tennessee and I live full time in Mexico. I’m not even a US citizen (Canadian as fuck).

I’ve never even seen the houses we sold. (Unless you count Google Maps.) Matt Larson has done 1000’s of real estate deals, wrote the book for Dean Graziosi, and most importantly…

…he’s cracked the code on “virtual wholesaling”.

Virtual wholesaling is when you buy and sell real estate contacts virtually… and a virtual assistant does all the negotiating for you.

You get a contract in place for one price. You sell your contract to an end buyer for another price. In the middle is a spread for you.

In this video, we lay out exactly how it works.

My favorite part? It’s using the skills you already have. Basic advertising. SOPs and a VA. A little very basic negotiation skills.

If you’re interested, shoot Matt a message and drop by name for special pricing.

Matt Larson <– here you go

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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