Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Hey Hoooooo! what are the relatively easy niches for lead generation service? my niche is difficult and my service sucks, I’m working on improvement and hiring a media buyer but I’m pretty sure he’ll suck as well, I paid for help from the guy who had good results himself in the niche but couldn’t really help me and all the advice I got is to test (results will vary client to client).

From my understanding, a lot of home improvement niches will be suitable (concrete, paving, insulation etc), anything else you can recommend?

* How are you currently identifying the website visitors who never opt-in?

* Hello everyone, What’s the best way to retarget website traffic in your opinion??

* For agency owners who specialise in Google ads

Do you find that keyword planner tends underestimate keyword volume?

To give you context when I’d see a keyword that’s 1-100 searches per monty on keyword planner

I’d see 30 impressions of that keyword in a day

Not sure if this is just an outlier

Also 2 questions

1. what’s your best tool for keyword volume research?

2. Is there a tool where you scan keyword volume across the world such as “snake catcher near me” is searched the most in Texas and least searched in California – so you can identity what areas are good areas

* What are your thoughts around putting your pricing on your website?

I have gone back and forth on this question more than I care to admit.

* I woke up to this message in my inbox and I am not sure exactly how to proceed

Do I offer a training, do I make a lead magnet? Do I try and bring them on as a client? Would love your thoughts.

“Hey, hope you are well? I see your passion lies in a similar field to ours? I run the UK’s largest independent NICHE – we teach around 1750 people per week, we train teachers, and offer formal teacher qualifications, and business development side. Plus, we write globally recognised course materials. There may be mutual value in us discussing how we can cross-promote our offers?”

* Do you prefer inbound or outbound leads?

* What do you all think about financial sector niches? I.e financial services

* Hey everyone, lots of ads popping up on Facebook at the moment about we agency owners jumping on the AI wagon and leveraging it to provide extra services to our clients – being a “beacon to guide business owners through the AI revolution” if you will.

I’m just curious to know how many of you are already working on implementing this and what peoples opinions are on it all?

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