Most people don’t understand their client’s buying journey.

Know how long it takes the average person to buy a house…

…from the time they first start considering it?

6 months.

Know how long it takes an average person to buy a car…

…from the time they first start considering it?

6 weeks.

Most high ticket sales are like that.

There is a buyer journey.

Sometimes that journey happens in a day.

But it’s not usually like that. It usually happens over time.

The buyer journey starts with curiosity.

“That sounds interesting. Tell me more.”

That curiosity culminates into research.

That research eventually turns into a sales inquiry.

That sales process turns into a conversation.

For most clients, the process takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Folks ask me stuff all the time that sounds like…”I tried ads for a week and I didn’t get any sales.”

“I sent a few hundred outreach messages and nobody bought.”

“I posted content for 3 weeks and didn’t get any sales.”

They give up before the completion of the buying journey.

Take the buying journey to the extreme.

A house is the single biggest purchase most people make.

Before a sales is made…

A person may find out what their house is worth.

Research areas.

Drive by a few areas of interest.

Research what their mortgage payment would be.

Check to see how much they owe.

Look up houses in the area.

Visit a few open houses.

Contact a dozen real estate agents.

Interview them.

Narrow down to a dozen houses.

Visit a few houses multiple times.

Make a few offers.

Etc etc.

Most real estate agents don’t go on the journey with their buyers.

The ones who win?

They nurture their buyer’s journey from start to finish.

The ones who lose?

They give up after a week because “it didn’t work”.

Lots of people think they have a “leads” problem…

…when they really have a “I don’t nurture my leads through the entire buying cycle” problem.

It‘s like trying to find a life partner with single messaging people on Tinder.

That’s not how real relationships work.

Take a group of people who are interested in your shit…

…and be omnipresent and consistent.

Some leads flower in a day. Other in weeks. Others in months.

A friend of mine got a high-ticket buyer 16 years after the person had been on their list.16 fucking years!!!!

I shudder to think how many sales are lost simply because agencies give up too soon.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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