Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Is there a way to find out how much competitors are spending on ads?

* Frankie Fihn Hello Frankie, any recommendations on how you would approach the owner of a Facebook group or any other group that you wanted to offer a % of the monthly recurring to any one who buys as incentive to help with promoting to thier group. Straight up offer or let them try my stuff first then a like an affiliate % deal?

* I’ve been running a website / digital marketing company for over 4 years and it’s been going well. About 5 weeks ago I hired a guy (based in the Philippines) to do sales – answering the phone, cold calling when not busy, ideally closing sales. He’s got a good background in sales. I’ve been paying him $17.50/hr.

Anyway, I really like the guy and I can see he’s putting in a good effort. No closed sales yet though.

It seems like people just aren’t receptive due to his accent. He speaks good English, but of course he does not have an American accent.

I’m preparing to let him go and take over handling all sales myself again, but I’m pretty burnt out on that component of work. Anyone have any tips / ideas for hiring someone who can handle that part of the business without breaking the bank?

* Hello All! I need assistance with optimizing Facebook/Google Ads. Regrettably, I have been experiencing some challenges, as my ads are not converting as expected. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for individuals proficient in resolving these issues. Any insights?

* I absolutely love the question of what advice would you give to a new agency owner. I would like ask what would you tell a new agency owner who says “ it’s been 2 weeks and I don’t have a client? Aside from offering your services for free? (It’s a common question) lol

* How have you automated your reporting? It’s the most annoying part of my month.

* How did you come up with the systems that you use to operate your agency?

* What’s your advice for someone who’s never sent a cold email? No wrong answers

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