Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* what systems do you all have in place to make onboarding simpler? and for your contracts or forms, what do you use? After 10 years of just winging it in some areas, I am ready to go after more clients but not in the same place. hope that makes sense

Also, how do you all feel about YT(YouTube )as a source of information? to grow your agency? I literally had someone tell me they built their 7 figure agency using YT. In what ways besides ads are some of you all getting clients? someone told me to create presentations i havent done those in years.

* Agency owners that are further along than me, help me out…

I’ve grown to 15k monthly running a solo operation. I can’t continue to run by myself, especially if I continue to grow at the rate I’m growing.

How did you begin to scale past that point? Did you hire sub-contractors, employees, full-time, part-time? What’s my logical next-step here?

* How to start a “crypto marketing agency” now ?

I am so interested about the crypto world

* What are they key things to write in a proposal?

* i remember hearing in one of Frankie’s videos that selling websites on memberships build entreprise value and when looking to sell the business it’s way better than traditional website design agencies.

Does someone know what it could sell for if let’s say you got 100 k a year all paying you a 100$ a monthly subscription to access the website instead of 1 time build?

* Wanted to know how many of you are running facebook ads to get leads. Is it worth it and what is the monthly budget I should consider if Im targeting US and Canada.

* Once a client is interested . Whats the next steps. How do you send payment request.. any agreement that u sent. What tool u use. Can someone guide me

* Was in a sales call today. Sent an invoice. Said she’ll take care of it today.

Then got this message from her:

“Hi, let me talk to my accountant about your services. Should be fine but I do have to run it past her”

How do I handle this?

* Question for the group: I have a conversion rate optimization agency and have lost a couple clients and looking to replace them and grow. I have a couple of advertising/outreach options, and I wondered which you would recommend pursuing:

1. Linkedin outreach @$2k / month (1 agency lead after 2 weeks)

a. to decision makers at ecom companies (we specialize in ecom)

b. to agency owners with a whitelabeling offer

2. Google ads @~$800 / month (no leads yet after 2 weeks)

3. Facebook ads @$1k / month to target ecom decision makers/interest with a $2.5k holiday tune up CRO audit & AB testing ‘loss leader’

4 Directory placement @~$3k for the year on clutch – directory page gets about 120 clicks a month and I’d be in position 6 or so

info: our typical retainer is $4-5k for ongoing ab testing, and we do CRO audits for $1.5k for a landing page, but more commonly $5k for a whole site.

What would you suggest prioritizing?

* Question regarding client gifting:

Normally we’re dealing with the owner directly during the sales process, even if they have someone else on their team who will become the point of contact.

In those cases we gift the owner directly during the onboarding process.

What would you or do you do when the owner is not involved at all? (Zero contact now – likely never to be)

Do you gift the point of contact instead? Or still try to gift the owner? Thoughts?

If you run a digital marketing agency…


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