Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* I’ve been trying to hit the jackpot with all the different kinds of creatives for this client in the turf installation niche.

This client has been comfortable at $100 per lead, and I’ve been trying to crack the code on this one.

Finally, I started using some amazing before/after images with a stupidly simple design, and the cost came down to $33 from $100.

If you haven’t tried “stupid simple” before/after images, you might be missing the gold mine.

* Looking at implementing a loom video strategy.

Can anyone provide examples of a loom video they’ve created to inspire some ideas on how to craft it?

* Phone rings.

“Hi. Thanks for your delivery order with our restaurant. Your order is over 100 Leva. You’re eligible for a free drink. What would you like?”


This never happened before. I’ll give this restaurant a top review on Google, will recommend it, and will remember it for eternity.

That’s the power of minimal over-delivery. A free drink costs them near to nothing, the impact is massive.

* What do you think are some of the best AI services to offer local businesses in today’s market?

* Overrated: Stripe screenshots.

Underrated: Retention.

* Hey brother! Can’t get on now gonna watch later. Question: in the book you talk about pricing and retainer vs. rev share, and who is taking on risk. I understand it’s easier to “sell” a test when you’re taking on the risk. But I want to structure some deals where it makes sense to charge $3-5k / month for a productized backend service. Niche is business, finance, and real estate digital expertise. Tests would be the 4-day campaigns, retention-focused emails, etc. All those make sense from a deal and profit share model. But I’m struggling to develop an offer with a $100 test buy and $x,xxxx per month just to add a predicable rev stream. Any advice on developing this repeatable offer without it being something they can just copy.

I appreciate you!

* Not sure if you have to answer this live, but any advice on breaking into a new niche without clients in that niche?

* Suggestions please, I am new at cold calling. Any tips when calling offices to get past the office manager or front desk to talk to the decision maker? Some people call them “the gatekeepers.” I have done some research and some people say talk to the gatekeeper and some people say don’t in hopes they call you back or call back again another day.

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