Outreach getting no response?

It’s probably not a script issue…

…or because the emails aren’t warmed up…

…or because it’s the wrong software or tech stack..

..or because people in this niche don’t respond to email..

..or because gatekeepers..

..or because you don’t have enough case studies yet.

It’s because most people don’t know how to open.

They don’t know how to grab someone’s attention in a few seconds.

Most marketers think the key to opening…

…is big, bold over the top promises.

“I guarantee I’ll fill your calendar with a bajillion booked appointments or I’ll pay you $1000!

“Sorry internet, bro. It doesn’t work like that.

That just makes you sound like another asshole marketer.

Those promises don’t work on sophisticated business owners. Especially ones who have been around the block.

They’ve seen some shit already.

We’ve found it can be far simpler than that.

What we do is more like talking to a friend at a BBQ…

…and inviting them to something cool this weekend.

It‘s not unusual for us to send a small handful of messages and have the majority of people respond.


Think Costco and free samples.

Everyone else yells loudly, “Buy my shit!

When Costco wants to sell more pizza…

…what do they do?

“Hey, would you like to try a free sample?”

Relaxed. No pressure. Easy peasy.

Give away cool ideas for free.

Charge for the implementation.

Show up as the giver and a lot more messages will land.

Door #1:

“I hope this message finds you well. Quick question. If I could get you a bajillion appointments, would you give me all your fucking money?”

Door #2:

“Had a cool idea for you to do _________. Okay to share a video?”Don’t know about you? …but I know which one is more my style.

Random thoughts on a Friday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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