Trust behavior, not words.

If you sell shoes…

…it’s better to offer shoes to someone with 200 pairs of shoes in their closet…

…than selling to someone barefoot.

If you sell marketing services…

…you are better with someone who spends $200k/month on paid ads…

…than a business grown 40 years on just word of mouth.

Sell to barefoot people and you have 2 sales to make.

1. You should buy shoes.

2. You should buy my shoes.

It’s the first sale that’s the difficulty.

It’s like trying to sell BBQ ribs at the Jewish vegetarian conference.

This is counter intuitive.

Because if someone has 200 pairs of shoes…

…it’s easy to think that itch is scratched.

Business always have problems.

Bigger businesses have bigger problems.

Maybe they need dance shoes.

Maybe they don’t yet have hiking shoes.

Maybe they want a pair in orange.

Bottom line:

Sell services to people who buy other services.

Sounds obvious.

But in practice…

…lots of folks chase broke folks…

…and try to convince them to get into the game.

Shoes leave a trail.

The easiest way to predict they have a budget tomorrow…

…is that they’re spending today.

Random thoughts on a Thursday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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