Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Love to get an update on the market and the best agency management system agency owners doing 100k/pm+ are using to manage their team?

* Hi guys,

I have a client (Author) who has done an ebook on effective ranching. He has already sold 300+ copies through a few podcasts. The main target is new ranchers.

The ebook is $39

He has no online presence or email list

I’m, in the process of creating a funnel for this client. Want to see whether it makes sense to

Go straight to the purchase (Since it’s on offer) while acquiring quality leads


2. Lead capture using a webinar/freebie and sell it through email sequence and regarding ads?

The client wants to see some sales coming in as well.

What would be the best method in your experience?

* Coaches/Consultants

What is your most under-rated traffic generation method?

* Any updates on the 90-Day White Label Agency challenge Frankie Fihn?

* What’s Better Affiliate Marketing or Digital Marketing? People keep asking me this

* How do you all prepare to help tens, if not hundreds of businesses at the same time? I mean, mentally… I feel like I cant outgrow 1-5 clients at a time.

* How do you guys collect payments? I closed 3 new clients this month. Sent them a PayPal invoice and then they ghosted.

I should’ve collected the payment right there and then.

Any recommendations?

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