Overrated: Stripe screenshots. Underrated: Retention.

If you’re around this game long enough…

You’ll see folks screenshotting payments from those…

“I’ll give you gigantic overpromised results or I’ll pay you $1000” offers.

And then have refund requests. Pissed off customers 2 months later.

Real businesses don’t operate that way. The most successful agency owners don’t typically post stripe screenshots.


Because it’s completely normal that the client just made payment #37 in a row. It wouldn’t even make sense to go…

“Holy shit, the client just renewed for the 4th year in a row!”They’re not just an “I’ll say anything to get a sale” operation.

They’re even better after people come in the door.

We have folks in this group doing 8 figures year in and year out…

and never once bragged about it. In fact, you probably couldn’t even tell from their profile they’re doing rapper money. Pictures of their kids.

A few pictures of travel. Nothing crazy. No payment screenshots.

Not even a Lambo to be found anywhere. You’ll notice that I rarely, if ever, post braggy Stripe screenshots.

I think it misses the real point of business. The goal is not to makepromises.

It’s to keeppromises. It’s to make getting paid month in and month out the most normal thing in the world.

Not the win itself.

Random thoughts on a Monday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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