Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Thoughts on the Alex Hormozi book launch?

* Alex H. Stresses making offers soo good, that people would be crazy to say no. I’ve seen new marketers have some very undervalued offers.

What’s the craziest offers you’ve seen or done yourself? How did it play out?

* Id love to ask you wether you have ever paid commissions on referrals.

– Currently we pay out 17.5% recurring on a successful referrals but I haven’t set boundaries meaning our partners have gotten 9 months already of recurring revenue. And I plan to limit the scope to 3x months of $1000 meaning they potentially will get $3000 per client.

– I’ve recently sold a funnel build + 3 months of advertising for $13500 USD. 3 months are coming to an end and client got solid results and CPL, but spending only $1500CAD per month due to size of the city. Should I charge a bit Lower fee $1000-1500 as this is super low ads-end compared our other accounts?

Much appreciated for your work

* How do you think AI will change your industry?

* Does anyone know a good media buyer who can scale membership offers?

* How did you build your irresistible offer?

* Happy Sunday everyone. Was just wondering if anyone has or is still running ads to a landing page/vsl with the goal of getting potential clients to book a call with you. Was hoping to get insights as to which niche/industries this would be effective in? And if someone is generous enough to share their landing page, just want to get ideas… Thanks…

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