Big announcement: Version 2.0 of Beyond The Agency Box is live on Amazon.

What’s different this time around?

I’ve gone deeper on a few big ideas.

1. Doing something once in your agency, so you get paid again and again. This is the ultimate leverage that almost no one has. It means you earn when you’re not working.

2. Way more details on easy to sell offers. This allows your agency to sell through Loom videos or Google Docs. Meaning, you can sign clients without “booked appointments”. Clients just watch your video and hire you. It’s how we’ve done it for about 2+ years.

3. There is far more about removing yourself. It’s about having an agency that produces results for clients without you doing anything. You can do absolutely nothing, or just eliminate tasks you hate.

4. High value and easy to deliver deliverables, so clients are thrilled with what you’re bringing them. (Seriously, almost everyone misses this.)

5. How to “McDonaldize” the whole process. This makes everything scalable and sellable.

Some chapters are only about 10% different. Some are brand new. 2 brand-new chapters weren’t there before.

Free PDF:…/1l9GFIyQiIdZk…/view…

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Kindle: From July 20th-24th the Kindle is free. If you already purchased the book, it should update automatically in your ereader.

Hard copy: Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t let me do a sale on the physical book. You’ll have to grab it. It’s $12 or so.

Audible: This version is still currently the old one. I have not yet recorded it but have plans to shortly. Audible has a lengthy review process so this may take a few months to update. Will share when it’s finished the review process.

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