Quick Little Announcement.

If you’re interested in using our deal source AKA “shoe store” methodology…

We’re in the middle of beta testing a DFY component in the WolfPack.

You just give us a niche and we’ll get you meetings with the movers and shakers… having already contributed to their mission before the call.

I’m using our processes to reverse engineer the entire niche.

Identify the key players.

Do cool stuff to help them.

Message them on your behalf.

Show up to a call as the hero.

I had originally planned to keep this small, private, and intimate. A true ‘members only’ kinda dealio.

Got a lot of replies about it by email and Facebook.

Have decided to open the doors… but just a little.

No details yet, as I’m still figuring shit out. Especially capacity.

Just thought I’d let you know since folks were asking.

If you’re interested in knowing more about it when it’s official, let a brotha know today.

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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