Jay Abraham says that any company under $10,000,000 is better off chasing deal sources…

rather than chasing deals 1-to-1.

I agree.

My first agency was a white label SEO agency. We bounced around between 120-150 clients.

In reality, our business primarily came from 2 web design agencies. They resold our services.

Just 2 deal sources.

In fact, one of those sources was about 90% of our business.

Rather than having to chase 100’s of clients 1-to-1…

…partners sent us business.

3-5 times per week, we’d receive a payment and an email with details about a new client.

No sales calls needed.

This works for any agency. There are always complementary partners to what you do.

Thing is…

…everyone thinks you need to message 10,000 dentists.

Rather than find the person who already has an audience of 10,000 dentists

…and send one really good, well-thought-out message.

I call these “shoe stores” in WolfPack terminology.

And you can do far more damage a lot faster going after deal sources, AKA “shoe stores”.

Sources of deals are more sniper rifle and less shotgun blasts.

Would y’all be interested in hearing more about how this works?

It’s a different approach than the usual mass blast internet bukkake outreach that most people in our space teach.


If you run a digital marketing agency…


Bonus 1: My copy and paste $100k client 4-day cash machine campaign.

Bonus 2: How we sign $1k-10k/month agency clients without phone calls using 5-minute Loom videos.

Bonus 3: Script to get a new client conversation in your inbox in under 10 minutes without ads, SEO, funnels, Google, or Facebook.

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